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Hi BelSkorpio

Me and my friends went out every nigth for dinner in Masbat and never had a problem. We tried a lot of stuff and i have to stay that first day we were afraid but nothing happend, so i kept on eating out every single nigth.

We met some people that were staying at the hotels and resorts had problems with food intoxications......i suppose itīs because it is cooked and stored in huge quantities.

In the restaurantes in Masbat they made the food on the hour...

Just drink bottled water and dont eat salads and natural stuff that is washed with water. Eat everything well cooked and you wont have a problem.

I have a long term stomach problem, Gastritis, and i am very sketchy to food but had no problem in Dahab.

You and your friends will have a great time!!!! Believe me!!!
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