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Default Sail for ultrasonic 147?

Hi Team, what are your thoughts on the biggest usuable sail for an Ultrasonic 147.

I want the best early planning potential but also a managable sail that I can use.

I don't race and weigh 88kg. I currently have a 2010 11m Overdrive which I don't really like as it gets easily overpowered in the gusts.

So my thoughts are a 9.5 Overdrive or a 10.7m Reflex? I know Remi liked the 9.7m Overdrive on this board,

Granted the Reflex will give me earlier planning and a bigger wind range but on the downside it would be more technical to rig and heavier.

I currently have an Enigma 530 which is a compatible mast but obviously not the recomended mast for the Reflex.

Please let me have your thoughts on what you would do, money being no object.

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