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Originally Posted by Sailboarder View Post
I hope you are able to easily fix the problem.

And I'm also eager to hear more about the Phantom 295 vs RS:One...
I've sailed the RS:One a dozen times now and 295 once. The 295 has way too many items on the deck, which distracts you while sailing in light winds in a race. The bolts for the flap over the centre board are a pain in the foot. The volume in the nose is too small for slow tacks. The RS:One seems a little more user friendly for the novice weekend racer. The 295 seems to plan quicker. The 8.5m phantom sail has a fuller shape, but make sure the bottom cam is secure on the mast with enough down haul pressure.

Ths is only one time sailing experience on the 295 and I'm looking forward to more times on the water once I have the centre board issue sorted out.
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