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Default Light wind wave board

I'm looking for a lightwind waveboard. I already have the Quad IQ 2011 (87 and 74) and with 85 kp and a NP Atlas 2012 set (6,2/5,4/4,7/4,0) I'm happy from 18-40 knots or so. Now with two Isonics (145 and 122) and Severne sails (6,7/7,7/9/11) the slalomquiver is complete also BUT

as I sail in open water at the Dutch Northsea the Isonics are hard to sail in the waves and when the wind is good at the flatwaterspots there's usually enough wind at the coast to sail my wavequiver.

Idea; having fun from 12-18 knots at the coast, cruising or waveriding
So considering;
- buy myself an Atom and keep the slalomsails up to 9m?
- buy myself the new WindSUP-er (fun without wind but what about freeriding?)
- buy myself a Kode 113 and keep the slalomsails up to 9m?
-wait till R&D come up with a 105 Quad, ;-)?

and selling the Isonics and 11m.

Hope to read your advice!
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