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Default Help on which Carve - 2012 or 2011

Hi guys,
my name is Carlo and need a bit of help in deciding what board best fit for me.
I am 92Kg, 195cm and own a JP Supersport 136 Lt. 80cm width (2008) for light wind and a SB Kode 112 (68cm width) for stronger wind.

I am going to replace the JP since I find it is slowing down my learning curve. Maybe itís too technical - I can water start and put feet into streps and donít Jibe - Main issue is Jibing as well as on choppy water the board become hard to handle.

Choice falls on Carve and I decided on 131 lt. 2011 model. But I got then confused by the new 2012 model that is larger and half way between the Carve 2011 and my JP then though it would be the board of life for light wind conditions.

I am looking for a board that makes me improving faster than I do today to be use on both lake and coast water and to be used in light wind conditions. I have Point-7 sails: 8.0 Square, 6.6 AC-0 and 5.0 Sado and planning to buy a 9.0 as well.

Thus the advise Iíd like to get are:
1. Is the 131 lt. the right choice for me?
2. If above is the right one, Would it be better the 2012 (wider) model since I guess would improve early planning and be able to handle bigger sais (maybe by adding another bigger fin)

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,
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