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Hi Jean Marc, thnx for responding. Of course I'm aware of the limiting manouvrability of the slalomsails, I will only use them to freeride when it's flat or choppy. The Northsea easily has chop or windwaves up to 3 or 4 ft and that's scary with the Isonic. So in that conditions I need a board more capable of handling that, more bump and jump and racing the coast. But also when its cleaner but with less wind the board should have the possibility of riding the waves. I used to have the Starboard Aero 117 which was great for that prupose. Blasting with a slalom fin but nice riding and bumpandjump with the big wavefin. Biggest freeridesail is a North Natural 7,5 but also the NP Atlas 6,2 will do. If it's able to carry the 9m I will be able to plane from 14 knots? Maybe the extraweight of the cambers matters and maybe I will plane at the same time with a much lighter sail and some active sailing?

In that case the Atom as well as the Kode come in picture? The 103 is quite close to the 87 Quad which combines fine with the 6,2 NP Atlas and as there's not too often sweel without wind I think freeride and early planing is more important than manouvring. The Atom can easliy carry 7,5 and even a 7,7 camber with its width, better than the Kode (reading the specs)?
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