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OK, it now looks like you don't want to waveride in low wind with say an 8.0 or 9.0 wave sail. You want to keep your 9.0 slalom sail anyway to do easy but fast freeriding. Fine, let's see the options :

First question : what is your planing threshold (start with active pumping and sustain) with your iSonic 122 + 46/48 cm fin + 9.0 slalom sail ? 16 knots ? 14 knots ? 12 knots ? 10 knots ?

Second question : why not keeping the iSonic 145 with your 9.0 + 11 m2 sail quiver and swap your iSonic 122 for an easier board to be used with your 6.7 + 7.7 slalom sail quiver ?

Do you still have the Aero 117 with you? I remember old posts from Dolf who was waveriding the Aero with Superfreak 8 or 9 m2 sail combo in light wind conditions in Maui. He's still around on the HSM forum, so you can ask him what he is currently using... No idea what is the planing threshold of an Aero + 9.0 sail combo for a 85 kg rider, sorry.

The Aero has been replaced by the large Kode. However, the Aero was a very big wave board (much like an Evo under stero´d) whereas the current Kode 113 and 123 have lost that heritage and are now more freemove/freeride-oriented. I would say a cam slalom sail would match better the big Kode than the Aero because of general outline, scoop-rocker line, rail and tail block shape. The Kode and the Aero are really different animals with divergent focus.

Yet, if you want to keep your slalom sail and have an easier time blasting around in nasty chop, better swap your iSonic 122 and take a Futura 121 or 131 with your 6.7/7.7/9.0 slalom sails. The Futura are much nicer and easy-going when water conditions worsen a lot. Still, a Futura is a free-slalom weapon, not much in common with a freemove/freeride Kode.

With 1-1.2 m high windwaves and nasty chop, you'll need a board with softer and thinner rails. In that case : Aero > Kode > Futura > iSonic to go easy in rough water + light wind.

I would keep the iSonic 145 with the 11 m2 sail for those F3-F4 light wind days. Nothing beats a big sail in light wind, especially with your 85 kg weight. I am unsure whether an Ultrasonic would provide you an easier time in rough water than that with your current iSonic 145 because both are a killer combo with an 11 m2 sail for heavy weight who do not want to go the high-skills-demanding Formula way.

Finally, I did not follow through the arguments of the Atom vs Kode 103 vs Quad 87 with your Atlas 6.2/Natural 7.5/slalom 7.7 m2 sail quiver.
Do you want to replace the Quad 87 with a Kode 103 or with an Atom ?
Or do you want to keep your Quad 87 and iSonic 145, add either a Kode 103 or an Atom, and delete the iSonic 122 ? If so, you will use the iSonic 145 with your 9.0 sail, is that correct ? (Kode 103 or Atom are way too smal with a 9.0 sail).

In summary :

Option 1:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Aero 117 (6.7/7.7/9.0 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (11.0 slalom sail)

Option 2:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Futura 121/131 (6.7/7.7/9.0 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (11.0 slalom sail)

Option 3:
Quad 87 (6.2 Atlas and smaller)
Kode 103 / Atom (6.7/7.7 cam slalom sails + 7.5 Natural)
iSonic 145 (9.0 + 11.0 slalom sail)

Cheers !

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