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Hej Claus

I am also from DK, but guess we better keep it in english :-)

I weigh in at 87 kg, and have the 2009 FUTURA 122, which should be 117 l.

Excellent board ! Very fast free-race board, that just flies above choppy waters.

My largest sail is a 8.0 V6 2 camber, and with my technique/weight 12 kts are well below planning, but with your 80 kg + 8.7 sail you will be close to planning.

The smallest sail I use on it, is a 6.2 HELLCAT, but the 6.7 HELLCAT is the sweetspot combination for this sail/board.

If you will be sure to plane, then you might consider the 133 FUTURA, which have had excellent reviews as well.
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