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Default Best early planning board with a dagger??

Hello I'm George. I would appreciate any suggestions since I'm looking for a board with volume and a daggerboard. I have a 132lt carbon freeride 250x69 cm with 7.0 twin cam for light wind days.Since I don't want to buy a large-wide freerace was wondering which would be the best for early planning. Starboard rio S 269x76 180lt , F2 xanthos 280x72 160lt or jp funster 258x80 160lt. I'm only interested in early planning.Do you think I would go with more width or the F2 would be better because of less drag? I can plane earlier with an x-cite ride 130lt than with x-cite ride 145 (think because is narrower and lighter??).I have seen from the forums that others go more width and others with more waterline and less drag, I'm confused!Where I windsurf is mainly light wind up to 12 knots with gusts so I will be using the gust to get in plane (not good for longboards I guess since they plane gradually) I weigh 72kg (158lb) and I can get into plane at about a gust of 10-12 knots with my 130lt and 7.0 sail..Do you think that I could plane earlier with these boards compared to my 130lt freeride?Could use the daggerboard for non planning and my girfriend.
Waiting for your help , thanks!
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