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it seems formula boards are considered the "earliest planers"
we all know about their width, short length, long fins and cost
also, the earliest planing is achieved on these boards with "pumping"
apparently they are quoted as having the possibility of planing around 7-8 knots
again, this has to be with pumping

longboards can plane fairly early without pumping, but not until around 12 knots
under 12 knots in "gusty" unsteady winds they are pleasure to sail as they glide through lulls

160 liter freeride wide board will plane early for heavyweight
130 liter freeride wide board will plane even earlier for lighter rider like yourself

so, can you get on a plane earlier than 10 knots ??

maybe - butt NOT worth the effort NOR the $$$
how come we are never satisfied and always want more ? :-)
i include myself in that question :-)
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