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Thanks for the response guys! Roger I just wanted to ask you about a comment you had made in another thread for early planning that a starboard start would plane earlier than a formula board.This really impressed me but now I'm confused with comments you made.The widest board I have ever tried is a jp slalom 130 lt around 82cm wide.It was planning the whole time when others where with larger boards and 9 and larger sails.What I didn't like was the far out position of straps.No comfort at all for me. I have never tried any other wide board hence when I learned windsurfing nearly 20 years ago I had a tiga longboard so I don't know anything about newer wide boards.I thought considering your comment tha I could plane as early with a starboard rio for example and I could lose in performance. I say for daggerboard to teach friends and upwind performance when not planning. I understand that for early planning you need width and low weight as I understand? Since I already have 3 boards I would prefer buying a fun board lets say than another large freeride since I already have the 130lt. Is there any board with dagger to do that or I will lose my money?

Thanks again!
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