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Thanks also unregistered guest. When you write about freeride board of 130 and 160 lts you mean that I would plane earlier in the 130 than the 160?thanks for guycribb file (already seen it,very helpfull). You are correct,we are never satisfied but when going down to the beach and the conditions are marginal I always wish I could go with a board that could plane or anyway have fun. Wouldn't go with serenity or with larger sails or large fins. I had larger sails up to 8.5 and I found out that with the Naish 7.0 twin cam I have now(rigs on rdm 430) because its very light and compact I can almost do as well in the low end but don't have to change sail if the wind picks up. Very easy to uphaul as well. I have also seen a video in you tube with a bic nova 180 and 8.0 rig that planes in extremely low wind and this is a starter board.Thats why I was wondering. I want to avoid formulas and large freewide boards and go with a board like the rio if its possible.Has anyone compared such boards with ultrasonic or large futuras for example in early planning?
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