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Default Freerace vs Slalom (Light to medium wind)

Hi All,

I have been thinking of buying a Isonic for a little while now. I Currently own a Futura111 and 7m cambered sail, I'm 82kg. I find I'm mostly sailing underpowered to only moderately powered up in our typical seabreeze conditions of 13-18 knots. More often the lower end of that range. To have more power available to make blasting upwind easier and just generally sailing more "powered up" in those conditions what type of setup should I be looking at. Should I be looking at the Isonic in a similar size with a larger rig or a larger board and rig? Are there any benifits to choosing the Isonic over the Futura? I would say I'm at the bottom to mid end of advanced in terms of level but I'm wondering if using a slalom board is as difficult as everyone tends to tell me. Also, I generally sail in chop and swell, not so much flat water. Thanks!
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