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Just back from Dahab.

We were lucky to have every day lots of wind.
Sailed everything between 5.0 - 8.8 sails and boards between 85L - 135L.
My friends who are lighter also used 4.2 sails and 73L boards.

Had no problems with the food, but I was very careful and the hotel hygiene looked amazing.

It's true about the corals, you need to pay attention.

Temperatures were from 22 - 30 degrees celcius.
I wore a 4/3 wetsuit short arms, long legs which got a bit warm at 30 degrees.

Behind the Napoleon reef, there's a very nice swell of a couple of meters. Nice mountains to ride on. A lot of fun and not too dangerous.

The speed strip "speedy" is a little bit too short to obtain personal speed records. But it has beautiful turquoise water.

The hotel "Le Meridien" seems to be the best hotel to stay.
It offers the best windsurf location to launch with very small boards.
In 3 racks I managed to go upwind to Napoleon reef.
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