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Question one leg longer than the other

im just wondering if im the only one with this problem but my port side stance seems to be way more comfortable and locked in than my starboard side stance.
After trying to figure it out for ages im wondering whether its because my right leg is slightly longer than my left.

on the port side my back foot (right foot) has good pressure on the fin and the front (left foot) is well seated in the straps and with slight upwards pull.
on the starboard side however my back foot (left foot) has too much pressure causing spin out some times and front foot (right foot) feels loose like it will easily pull out. I have tried tightening straps and this is not the issue btw. Also my harness lines on the starboard side feel more balanced when situated closer to the clew than on port side.

anyway just wondering if this is a common problem? or am i the only one
I will try shift starboard side front strap forward and rear strap back to open up the stance and see if that helps.

I have F160,iS101,s85 and find the same for all boards.

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