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Default Futura 144 or 2010 Go 133?

I found that 2009 and 2010 Futura 133 and "Starboard Go 133" models share the same size, the only difference is that "Go" boards coated with tufskin which makes them 2kg heavier. Is 2kg extra board weight going to play big difference on the flat water 10mph - 18mph, my weight 216 pounds, my skill level is intermediate currently and when I progress?

Regarding the board my options are to go with Futura 144 or with 2009/2010 "Starboard Go 133". Flat water progressing to choppy waters, 10mph - 18mph wind, my weight is 216 pounds, skill level intermediate. I am planning to use 7.5 Ezzy Freeride sail with it. My current skills are not perfect but I am able to waterstart and uphaul Futura 133. What is the better choice in this case?
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