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6.2m is fine on the 97!

I got 6th in a PWA final using a 6.2m on a 107 last season! haha. So you can actually put smaller sails on these boards a lot easier than you think.

The trick is not to reduce the fin size each time you go down... ie, if you're using a 35cm with a 7m or bigger, keep that same fin when you go down to the 6.2m. The fin size relates more to the tail width of your board, so you can't just keep dropping down fins as you get smaller sails... but sounds like you've only got the 35cm anyhow?

FYI I am using a 38cm Z-fin with 7.8 and 7.0 on my 97L and then a 36cm Deb if it's windy with 7.0 and always the 36 Deb when on 6.3m.
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