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Sooo.. What about Serenity in 5 to 10 knots against a sailboat??

Serenity + 11 m2 sail will win upwind and reaching against a Toucan sailboat which is still a strong contender when match-racing in light wind on our swiss lakes (

However, the Serenity had no chance against a Psaros 40 sailboat called "Syz & Co" (

Serenity + 11 m2 is as fast as a Hobbie Cat 18 in 3-7 knots of wind. Above than 7/8 knots of wind, her board speed is topping out at 12-13 knots, so the Serenity can no longer accelerate further and further and the Hobbie will finally catch her and pass.

A Bladerider when foil-flying as of 4-5 knots of wind is faster than the Serenity but when not foil-flying, the Serenity is way faster. D35, M2 or even a Ventilo cat are all faster than Serenity.

BTW, the Phantom 380/Lechner/Fanatic Mega Cat/AHD 380/F2 Lightning Race/etc... are all slower than the Serenity in 2-7 knots of wind. Above 7 knots, the Phantom 380 can transition from the gliding to the planing mode and is therefore faster than the Serenity. Same with a Formula as of 6/7 knots of wind when blasting at planing mode.

If I was to invest into a sailboat without buying a Serenity, a Formula and an iSonic 107 with a 11.0/8.6/7.8/6.6 m2 sail quiver, I would buy a Bladerider for fast sailing in 4/5-20 knots wind range without hesitation. I would keep the wave board + wave sail quiver for those days above 20 knots with yummi swell and wind waves, however.

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