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Hey guys.. thank you for all the replies... so here what happened. By luck I got a pair of Hurricane Fins SS2 Medium Stiffness (46cm,48cm) from a Buddy here in Miami very cheap. Buying both I was given a nice discount and it was still cheaper than getting a deboichet or a Canefire in carbon. Since them, I have tried them with my 8.3 and 9.0 sails and the 46cm seems to be the magic number for the board it goes upwind very well, no spinouts and very fast when off wind.. 48cm holds more foot pressure and trails upwind deeper but very draggy when off wind. no changes in early planing on the bigger one..I haven't yet tested the 48 in very light winds but will probably do this if anyone has the chance to give them a try.. do it.. very good...
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