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Originally Posted by Sailboarder View Post

I think the comparison is quite interesting.

Have you tried too a 380 or 377 raceboard?
Yes, I tried a Phantom 380 carbon with a North S-Type 9.5 m2 sail in 2-7 knots winds. I was not able to start the planing as of 7 knots with that gear whereas I have no difficulties to achieve that with my HS105 + 55 cm fin + 11 m2 sail. I did not tried the Phantom 380 + 11 m2 sail yet, sorry. However, I'm able to start and sustain the planing as of 7 knots with a narrow board such as an Ace 309 + 54 cm fin + NP RX2 10.6 sail (all with active pumping).
So for my 65 kg light weight, a Formula or an Ultrasonic is basically useless because any board wider than 70 cm is plenty enough for my light weight to achieve my goal. Sure I can plane earlier at 6 knots with a Formula but the upper wind range is becoming too limited for my light weight with say an 8.2 m2 sail in 10-15 knots wind range, so it's not worth the investment. So far, my 10 years-old HS105 has been the best board for the 7-20 knots wind range and it will be replaced by an iSonic 117 wide or iSonic 128 in the future, depending on which wind range I want to emphasize the most with a 3 or 2 sails quiver, respectively.

I understand it would require maybe 1 or 2 kts more that the Formula. I guess it would be controllable up to 15 kts similar to the HS05? Does this make sense?
Again, I did not tried the Phantom 380 + 11 m2 sail yet, so I cannot comment on the lower/upper wind range for my 65 kg body weight. What is for sure is that the 75 kg owner of the Phantom 380 + 9.5 sail combo is planing much later than me on HS105 + 11 m2, something around 9/10 knots. However, he's way faster when gliding below 7 knots of wind while I'm struggling to keep schlogging like a slime.

My friend did not want to have 2 boards like me to cover the wind range 2-15 knots, so he chooses the Phantom + 9.5 and he's very happy with that. Below 2 knots, he even uses his Phantom as a SUP. Above 15 knots, he jumps on a medium slalom board + 7.8 m2 sail.

Another friend has a Serenity + 8.4 m2 sail and he used that combo for 2-12 knots wind range. He recently bought a Phantom because he wanted to be able to ride again in planing mode, which was strongly missing on his Serenity. He's very happy with his choice now on the Phantom.

In summ, there is no unique choice. All are valid options, depending on what you want to do and on where do you accept to make compromises.
- If you want a board to do both gliding and planing, get a Phantom.
- If you want only earliest planing, get a Formula or an Ultrasonic.
- If you want the ultimate performance in both gliding/planing world, get a Serenity and a wide planing board with a big sail.

Cheers !

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