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Hi guys, thanks for your replies...

Details - 82kg, 185cm height, advanced (bottom to mid) rider. I enjoy freeracing, gps racing and the occasional organised racing event in chop and swell more so than flat water. Current setup is the 2011 wood Fu111, 2011 Ezzy Infinity 7m, 38 & 40cm Venoms and a 41cm SL12 slam fin.

The above setup is great in 16-22 knots. But it is more often 14-18 in our typical seabreeze season and I am finding more often than not I am underpowered and struggle to point upwind well. Frustration has set in. I need to do something to be able to sail more competitively in 14-18 knots. Loss weight, yes, but I think this is'nt so easy and may not be enough.

My thoughts were to;

A. Change to a larger freerace board (Fu121 or similar) and larger sail and sell the Fu111.
B. Change to a similar spec slalom board and add a larger sail.

Preference would be to still have good upper end control for when things got a bit stronger and rougher, ie. 18-22 knots. I may be trying to fit too much of a wind range into one board however?

I jump down to my Kode94 and 5.8m wave sails when it hits 18+ knots and I have the time to make the change but mostly I just add a little more outhaul and continue as time is mostly limited especially afternoons after work.
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