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Default Come on Starboard. Grow some balls!

I ordered a new 2012 Quad82 last year. Having had a misaligned fin box on my 2010 Quad I know how critical fin alignment is, so after receiving the board I measured it up. In the process I discovered that the bottom of this board was asymmetrical. Rather than being a double concave, the board was actually a flat vee on one side and concave on the other.

I contacted the local Starboard dealer who, very reluctantly, put the board into the warranty process. This took 4 months. In the end I was told that I was to return the board and I would be given a full refund. There was not to be any replacement board. Nothing. While this satisfies NZís legal obligations I felt that, from a customer service point of view, it was a pathetic solution.

Upon discussing this with the dealer I was told that "Starboard believes that they would not be able to make a board that would satisfy me" and that the problem was "too expensive for Starboard to correct."

Really? Come On! Starboard is a top-of-the-line performance product and I believe that my expectations are well founded and not unreasonable. I know that Starboard designs can "satisfy me" but I will not stand for being supplied sub-quality product. I asked if Starboard did not want me as a customer after all of these years and was told that this was the decision and I should be happy about it. I took this to mean no, Starboard does not want me as a customer.

From a customer service point of view this resolution made no sense to me, and being aware of some inter-shop politics that were going on behind the scenes, I contacted Starboard directly. This gave them the opportunity to either confirm that this was indeed their official position, or to propose another solution that would satisfy and retain their customer.

Starboard has flatly ignored me. While this was a slap in the face it was not unexpected. Iíve seen Starboard take this approach before when they have been confronted by difficult questions on this forum, and also during the resolution to my last Quad warranty. It seems apparent that Starboardís primary policy is to ignore problems and hope that they go away. And so I must take it that ditching me as a customer is Starboardís official resolution to their defective workmanship warranty.

What I find most amazing about this resolution is that Starboard believes that a replacement board is just as likely to have construction defects, and therefore will not take the monetary risk of sourcing a replacement. How bad is that?! I am stunned that this is the sum total of Starboardís faith in the quality of the product they sell us.

So here I am: Severely disappointed, disenchanted and without a wave board. I have wasted heaps of time fighting for my rights as a consumer and have been left feeling like I am to blame for causing a ruckus. I am still open to communication from Starboard but Iím not holding my breath.

Come on Starboard. Grow some balls! Will you make a stand for your product and your service or is this really it? Iíd like to hear from you...

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