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Mr Unregistered Guest. I know. I know. I debated whether or not i should post this for that very reason. But i decided that this is exactly the platform that it should be discussed. We are Starboard's active customers. And this is absolutely the sort of thing that I would want to know before spending thousands of dollars. You yourself have seen the value in this.

Personally I think Ken is right. Cobra has got a big responsibility in this. Perhaps the majority sits on their shoulders? They made the board (and most of the other gear out there). One big question is: How often is this happening?

But at the end of the day quality is Starboard's responsibility and they should be standing behind their product. Unfortunately they aren't. One course of action they could possibly take is to listen to their customers, communicate, take the bad with the good and work towards growing into a better, stronger company. Who knows what they are doing now? Nothing?

If we accept sub-standard then sub-standard is all we will get.

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