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Hi Greg,

Yes it seems to be a little quiet on this forum last week.
Not many new topics nor a lot of team response either.

If I may say a few things regarding your questions.
First of all I'm +/- 190 lbs, not a light weight, although quite a bit lighter than you, but I don't think it's gonna make much difference about what I want to point out.
I've been sailing 3 weeks ago in Dahab (outside Baby bay) with heavy chop & swell and winds up to 40 knots. These are definitely the conditions where I want to be on wave or FSW boards. In these conditions I don't miss the outside straps at all. On the contrary. Inside strap positions make it much easier. I also dont use almost any pressure on my back foot in these conditions. No need for it when there is so much wind and chop. That's why I also almost never experience any spin out in these conditions. So much depends on your sailing style according to me. While in slalom conditions, I always want to go for maximum speed, in heavy chop conditions I'm seeking for the opposite, i.e. control of speed and slowing down to avoid getting launched several meters in the air on one of the steep ramps.
The best boards for controlling speed are the boards with thin and narrow tails, like wave boards.
I've been sailing in Dahab a fantastic FSW board, i.e. the Fanatic freewave 85L. Super control and smooth jibing like a knife through butter. And when I tried it on the flat water of Baby bay it was bloody fast as well.
I think that SB has a similar board, i.e. the Kode. The only thing I don't like about the board is its US fin box. Let's hope SB will once consider PB, like most of the other vendors.

IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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