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Hi f2sunset,
OK, Do you really want to plane in < 11 knots of wind?
No narrow board (< 85 cm wide) that I know of will really get up
off the rockerline and plane on the wide but short planing surface
back under the footstraps like a wide shortboard.
The physics and hydrodynamics simply do not support this.
Longer/narrower planing surfaces produce significantly more drag, and
drag will keep you from planing.
The trick to very early planing is to pump both the board and the big long fin
to get the board up on top of the water and pre-planing along on the short
wide planing surfaces behind the rocker transition.
Is this pretty physical... you bet, but if you want to plane early, you have
no choice. After about 10.0 m2 there are no really low wind oriented sails.
The bigger sails are mostly multi cambered race sails (formula racing) that
are heavy, but have a huge range of use, but this really wide range of use
somewhat limits the amount of draft which has always been my key to very
early planing.
Light weight, huge draft rigs in the 8.5-9.5 range will get you going about as early
as it's possible.
The Phantoms etc are not wide shortboards, they are wider long boards.
But not wide enough, and with a very different rockerline.
Not the same as a Formula.....2001-2003 Start....Ultrasonic 147....Apollo.
Hope this helps,
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