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Think you're right MarkH. Last years model, I did find a bit bouncy in overpowered 7.0 conditions, I liked the 97 much more in that conditions.
But I really liked the 107's gliding between the gusts, early planing and overall performance in 7.8- 8.4 conditions. And I do not like the 97 in 7.8 conditions, and certainly not in 8.4 conditions. I noticed that for my weight category (95 kgs) and at my sailing spots, the 107 is quite ideal, but also the shape is very very good, even better than the previous 111, which is also a great shape.
I just want them both for now, it's always an option for the future to sell my 97 and change it for a 90 or so.
I also sailed a 117w but somehow I did not like it when the wind picked up. I think I 'd better buy a new lightwind board for conditions when the 107 is too small. (but still have an old F155 and isonic 125 though... so are not in a hurry)
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