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Interesting, we almost have the same speed-slalom quiver:

- iSonic speed 53 + 6.6/7.7 m2 sail; fin range 26-32 cm; wind range 12-25 knots.
- iSonic 117 Wide + 7.7/8.2 (8.6)/11.0 m2 sail; fin range 40-54cm; wind range 7-18 knots.

As for sail, I cannot comment on Reflex III but I do have a Reflex II 11.0. A lot more tender and softer than a 2007 Code Red R2 11.0 m2, so I have a much better control in the high wind range (+12 knots steady wind with gusts peaking at 15 knots for my 65 kg).

The Code Red 7.7 m2 sail is a perfect "switch" sail between 2 boards size. When I'm well to overpowered with the speed gun (15-18+ knots wind), it's grunty and slippery enough to go fast without too much effort. When the wind starts to fade a bit and gets more holey (say 10-18 knots), I just swap the speed gun for the iSonic 117 Wide and off I blast again with the same 7.7 rig. Just did 1 session so far and I was very pleased by the ease and control of such a wide board in the upper wind range for my light weight.

At the other end of the low wind range spectrum, I'm very happy with the 11.0 sail on such a board. Sure, she points quite less upwind than the HyperSonic 105, but she's fast, accelerate steadily and jibe faster. Like my old HS105, the iSonic 117 Wide felt clearly 1 size smaller than the iSonic 127. I'm sure you can't go wrong with the iSonic 117 Wide, even for a light weight rider...! Keep us posted of your progress report so we can share our light weight rider's experience with such a quiver.

Cheers & enjoy your fast ride !


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