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Hi Roger, thanks for your quick answer.

My board did not come with a pin/uni originally, and of course my existing ones didn't fit, but my dealer contacted the North America Starboard distributor who graciously shipped one to me (Phantom mast base, fits very good except for that one time when it popped out during a jibe).

Regarding the pedal, I tried to pull it forward toward the front of the mast track, but it didn't re-engage. The pedal is just loose, like the spring that is supposed to raise it is broken or something. I'm not sure if this link will work but here is a picture: (put http in front) .jpg
I see a little piece of stainless steel wire laying flat under the pedal and am wondering if that may be the spring mechanism that got separated from the pedal somehow. Is it normal to see this stainless steel bit (looks like part of a thick paperclip) loose under the pedal?

Thanks again,

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