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Kvda I am using C3 Sting 2 and they feel great, could go down to a 38cm as well in really powered up 7.0 cond but then I would probably be on the 87 anyway.
I am using 87, 107 and have just purchased a 127 and an 8.6 R3. Could go bigger sail wise on the 127 but then have to buy a new boom and mast. My weight is around 80kg so the the 8.6 should be fine.
I agree with Maximus that of course you can use an 8.6/8/8 on the 107 but the sweet spot size is the 7.8 and you wont really gain much by using anything bigger.
BelSkorpio I had the 101 and sold that bought the 122/121 sold that and now 107. I think you should go 87, 107 and US147. Go the 8.8 on the 147 as the smallest sail for that board and forget about using it on the 107.
Combos 49- 4.6,5.6,6.2,SS21
87- 5.6,6.2,7.0, V32,34,S234
107- 7.0,7.8,S240,42
127- 7.8,8.6 S246,48
09 S49 2012 Isonic 87W, 107W, 127WC
4.6SSR, R3 5.6,6.2,7.0,7.8,8.6
C3 SS21, Venom 32,34, Sting 2 34,40,42,46,48

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