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I'd suggest trying a shorter extension.
It is normally not a good idea to put more that about 20 cm of extension up inside the foot of a
WS mast.
The foot is the stiffest part of the mast, and while it's made to bend/curve to some degree, putting
a tight fitting extension 30 cm up inside it prevents the entire bottom 30 cm of the mast from bending
at all.
Get a 25 cm extension (or even a 15 cm if you can find one).
It may help with lower batten/cam rotation.
Also, as suggested, if the luff is 475 cm do not be afraild to set your
mast base at 15 cm or even 20 cm and downhaul more.
As suggested, you need to bend the mast so that all the battens "pull back'
at the front to at least the midline of the mast (fore and aft here).
Better rotation if you downhaul a bit more and let the mast bend pull the
battens back until the front of the batten just "kisses" the back of the mast.
Try to "bend the mast" totally with downhaul to get the correct shape in your
Gator. Only outhaul a little bit to stabilize the clew/foot/leech.
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