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@ BelSkorpio

- You won't miss it... 107 is a MASSIVE upgrade over the 101 in my opinion ...

- I use 8.6 on my 107 with a 42cm fin. To be honest ... it does work, but it's more comfortable to use a bigger board (ie, 117w, 127 etc) as with the wider tails on the bigger boards you don't feel like you a dragging the board so much when you go to pump on the plane. So I agree with what everyone else has mentioned above!

- 6.7 will be no trouble. I've tested down to 5.6m on my 107 and it's actually sailable. 6.3m on 107 is quite a nice combo and I'll probably use that on the PWA if it's gusty and I can't get on my 80L with the 6.3m ... I would aim for a 36-38cm fin for the 6.7m .. no smaller than 36cm or else you will spin out! The 107 has a nice rockerline which keeps the nose down so when it's super windy on the 6.7 it's actually very easy to control for such a nice board ... I actually find my 107 a LOT easier in nuking conditions than my 97!
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