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I don't doubt it Ken but a lot has changed in two years Now formula has evolved another minor iteration but the kiteboards have transformed.-with 3 fins they no longer have to constantly 'edge' & so look more fun to sail (actually the stance looks pretty WS like, check Youtube). Still in the stronger winds it could still be close, but the discussion concerned light airs. In 6-8 knots measured by the Olympic trial officials the kiteboards hit 20 knots...... Their other big advantage is that downwind (when una rigged craft are always underpowered if in control upwind) they have the possibility to spin the kite in a loop thus using the kite velocity to increase power.
Still I fancy a RS D2 or maybe a Bat Wing for inland use, but have to admit the Hydro Moths and Kites are now the most 'rad' light wind performance,
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