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I wouldn't say the 97 is not a good board ... it's just radically different to the 107.

As Starboard has so many sizes in their iSonic range, you can't really approach them as being just 'scaled-down versions' of each other. The 97 isn't just a smaller version of the 107 ... each board has a unique rockerline and design concept (as you can see by the differences in vee/concaves etc from board to board), and is built for a certain condition (or rider) ... hence why there is 3 small boards all within 10L of each other... Maybe one for Bjorn, one for Cyril and one for Steve?

A lot of guys here in AUS really like the 97 ... I didn't mind mine. I just found the 107 rides a lot flatter in nuking conditions compared to the 97 and I only get on my 107 when it's +20 knots so the high-wind control was all I was interested in ... That being said I also heard a bunch of people say the 107 rides too flat! haha.

There's a board for everyone I guess ;-)
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