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Default Q for Remi: Deboichet SL2 vs. Drake?

Hi Remi,

How do you find Drake Slalom Pro fins delivered with 2007 isonics in comparison to Deb SL2?

I ordered isonic101 which I will use from marginal 7.6 conditions to overpowered 6.6. I am 75-80kg.

I will get two fins with this board (34&40) and would like to pick one more SL2 fin for this board. I was thinking about SL2 36cm.

The question is, are these Drake fins comparable to deboichet or I will find better performance with SL2 36cm 99% of the time?

If drake 34 and 40 are very good, should I go for slightly bigger SL2 to fill the gap more evenly?

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