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kapten k
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I also sail in waves and chop, but most of the season we have massive weeds here in sweden, so i use a weed fin, and it really suxs compared to a Deb or select or any other good fins.
Maybe a 97 will get me more lift with the weedfin. But weedfins tend to make the boards sail even more nose up.
Every body trim so differently, and sails and how you tune them also affect board trim.
Looking foward to test my 97, i guess it will be less tail-walk prone than my old manta 68 anyway.

I know than i can get the nose down, by moving mastfoot foward, lowering boom, use less outhaul, and moving lines back on the boom, but i dont want to kill all speed when ovwerpowerd.

Thanks for the fin tips Sean! Im a big fan of your webpages!

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