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no worries Kapten, I really like the 97 (wood). It's for sure faster then the previous 101, due to more control in higher winds. The downside is that the 2010 101 was able to handle bigger sails more easily, imho. Not sure why, maybe it's because of the dome deck and/ or lesser volume.

It's just as Sean says; the 107 and 97 are really different boards in terms of shape, but it does not mean the 97 all of a sudden isnt' good, on the contrary! I really like the 97 powered up with a 6.2/ 6.7/ 7.2 much more then the 107. But when the wind is less strong and constant, I prefer the 107 with 7.2 and certainly with the bigger sails 7.8/ 8.4.
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