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Default Carve 131 (wood or AST)

Hi team,

I am interested in the Carve 131 2012. Board will be used with Severne NCX 6.0, 7.0 and Reflex 7.8. Purpose is both recreational sailing and some blasting half and down wind.

I see on the site you can choose between 3 constructions: carbon, wood and AST. Weight difference between wood and AST is only 300 gram with the advantage of the tufskin for kids playing with the board and less experienced people using the board.

However how significant is the difference in performance between wood and AST? I guess the wood version is stiffer and may have some better performance, but is this difference noticable also in good 4 and 5 Bft conditions while using the 7.8 Reflex?

Thanks in advance, Hans
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