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I had a problem of pedal staying down on my 320 2011. Cause and solution were as follows :

Cause (in my case) :

when you disassemble the mast track, you can see that the force which normally allows the pedal to go upwards comes from a bent metal piece which is inserted in the rail mobile part (the part with holes in which the mast foot locks)

in my case pedal did not go up because the angle in which this metal piece was bent was wrong, too high, then the force needed to bring the pedal down was too high, and when bringing the pedal down the metal piece went on the side instead of down, and the pedal would not come up again

Solution (in my case) :

I broke the edge of the metal piece which was bent with a wrong angle, and bent it again with a lower angle, and things came back in order

If you do this be careful not to reduce too much the angle, otherwise the force to bring the pedal up will be weak

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