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Default iSonic 111 set up

Hi all,

I recently changed my quiver from iS121, XFire102, Sonic90 to 2010 iS 111 and 86. I have a 161 Formula for the light stuff.

I am 80kg, 180cm advanced intermediate. For the iS111 I use 7.8m Reflex and 7.0m Code Red mostly on the Swan River - short chop - 14-20kts. 44cm CaneFire fin (and 38 Talon if ever we get some wind)

I found the 121 very easy to set up, straps all the way back, mast step about 1cm back from middle.

I am struggling a bit with the 111 because we have had fairly marginal conditions recently. Started with back hole for front straps and middle for back straps. Tried multiple spots for mast foot. I feel like the rig is falling backwards a bit.

Keen to hear favourite strap & mast foot positions to help get this sorted.

Thanks! Patrick
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