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Originally Posted by Macka Packa View Post
Hi all,

I am struggling a bit with the 111 because we have had fairly marginal conditions recently. Started with back hole for front straps and middle for back straps. Tried multiple spots for mast foot. I feel like the rig is falling backwards a bit.

Keen to hear favourite strap & mast foot positions to help get this sorted.

Thanks! Patrick
I have an Is-111, , weight 72Kg mast foot about 1 cm from middle, straps in the back holes. Only difference seems to be that I mostly use a Talon 40 with 6.6, 7.3, and 8.0. Occasionally a drake 44 (aaaaaargh!) with the 8.0. For me the Is-111 is like your Is-121, works very well from slogging (just yesterday wind died almost completely and I happily cruised back in displacement) to where it is designed for. Maybe your lines are too far forward?
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