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My '08 111 may have a different strap hole set up. Front, there are three settings, forward, middle and back. I have them set in the middle.

For the back straps, there are two settings for front and back, PLUS two for inside and outside. I have the back screw of the strap set in the outside / front. I have the front strap screw in the inside / front. this allows the opening of the foot strap to be turned a slight bit toward the front of the board and makes it easier to insert my foot, plus I am a bit "duck footed", feet turn outward while standing, so it is more comfortable for my feet.

I keep the mast foot centered or maybe one or two cm back from center. I use a Tomcat 42 for my 8.4, 7.6 and 6.6 Maui TR sails. The fin works well for all three. I weigh 77kg.
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