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Hi Martin,,
I have a 377 that I used for the first time on sunday.
I'm 195lbs sailing with a 10 retro - gusty 8-18 knots of wind (sail underdownhauled)
I have sailed many types of boards but never a racing longboard.
First impressions:
- planes very early and very easily. no effort to plan like a formula board. I will have to sail more to get a better estiamte of windspeed required to plane. It didn't feel like much wind at all. Compared to a formula board - much easier to plane - just goes to either a half plane or full plane with no pumping. Very impressed!
- footstraps suck - seem to twist - have to re tighten for next time
- on the dagger - can't say i've mastered the front straps upwind yet. On a reach with dagger down she really zips along in kind of a semi plane
- mast track - again need practice in moving mast track on the fly
-- chop - i was sailing 1-3' great lake waves - seemed very comfortable to sail - easier ride than formula
- jibing/tacking - no comments yet
- deck - this will take some getting some used to - hard to move around with dagger sticking out

Overall - love it - so much more comfortable to sail than a formula (not as much stop and go)
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