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Ian Fox
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Arrow nakaniko

Hi nakaniko, your status checks OK, as noted below.
Been that way (as below..) for a long time.

Please try again using password xxxxxxxxxx (the xxx is the word in your email used to register)
Please note, if you used a fake or invalid email to register, well, that's gonna be a good cause of the problem.
If no luck, let us know.

USED ID STATUS nakaniko (userid: 9468)

Can View Forum Yes
Can View Thread Content Yes
Can View Others' Threads Yes
Can Search Forum Yes
Can Use Email to Friend Yes
Can Post Threads Yes
Can Reply to Own Threads Yes
Can Reply to Others' Threads Yes
Can Edit Own Posts Yes
Can Delete Own Posts Yes
Can Delete Own Threads No
Can Open / Close Own Threads No
Can Move Own Threads No
Can View Attachments Yes
Can Post Attachments Yes
Can Post Polls Yes
Can Vote on Polls Yes
Can Rate Threads Yes
Follow Forum Moderation Rules
If no, posts are always placed into moderation queue Yes
Can See Deletion Notices No
Can Tag Own Threads Yes
Can Tag Others' Threads Yes
Can Delete Tags on Own Threads No
Can See Thumbnails Yes
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