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Default Carve 121 or 111

Hello I am looking at getting a 121 carve or a 111 Carve. I currently have a 125L Sumo Angulo and am going to replace it. I have learned to use harness and footstraps proficietly and am starting to get gybes (50%). I weigh 165lbs (75kg) and ride on lakes with winds from 11knots to 30knots. My main question is I still like to have some stability for light wind days when I want to go out and pratice in non-planning conditions. Would it be possible to uphaul the 111 comfortably?

I am also wondering the difference between the tuffskin and wood boards. What are the advantages and disadvantages for each. My Angulo even with a deviator to deflect the mast from hitting the board I have put cracks in the board so I would like a board with durability as at the level I am at I am hard on my gear.

Thanks for your help!
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