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Originally Posted by juan1 View Post
Hi all
Im sorry i dont understand why the 7,8 is the recomanded ideal sail for the isonic 107 or the 7,2 for the 97 ! I feel much more confortable on the isonic 117 whith the 7,8 as when the wind gets down i float more easily and i can still go on
I wait 88 kg so the 97 needs 6,2 or 7,0 whith solid wind
Reagrds juan
Because they are slalom race boards? They are supposed to be sailed powered to overpowered ... not really floating around. If you are slogging, yes, a smaller sail will be easier to handle.

And then there is personal skill: at 72Kg my Is-111 feels great with my 8.0, wonderfully balanced. But that it is still a large sail for me and so I often use a 7.3 because I can handle it more easily when the wind picks up ...

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