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Default Going from snowboarding to windsurfing advice wanted

Hi all,

I love snowboarding and have realized that windsurfing is probably the best summer equivalent. Thought about surfing but the idea of continuously moving (via wind) seems more enjoyable. Also I live in the Northeast (USA) and big waves are not that common.

I'm trying to figure which board is right for me. So any advice from fellow snowboarder or anyone for that matter would be helpful. I have used the board selector but not having not done much WS it's a little hard to really figure out what style to choose. So again I'm asking for your opinions.

My snowboarding style;
Level: Expert. There's not a whole lot of terrain that I wont try.
Type: I like turning/carving. Trees are my favorite area. Steep and you have to turn. Top speed is not something I generally good for.

So windsurfing I figure I want a board that is good with turns, tracks well. If there are good waves then I'll want something that is good in them, bouncing off of them.

Again, I live in the Northeast (of America) so big waves are not that common, except when there's a passing hurricane.

The boards that come up, based on my perception of the styles that would best fit (Wave freestyle or Evolution wave), are the Kode XX wood carbon and Quad XX wood Carbon. Does this figure?

I do plan to go to a couple shops but they are 3 hours away and would like to get some ideas before they try to sell me what they have in stock.

Finally, how do you figure size? Obviously it relates to buoyancy but it has to relate to rider weight (150 lbs) and I have yet to read anything on how to factor that in to the equation?

Thanks for any help.

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