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Read the last few entries to the blog. It's a funny co-incidence, but I have the same name as the guy with whom you were training in slalom. I posted on the old website under another handle, but now I'm using my real name. Robby, the pro is younger than I and I'm american, but it's rather amusing that two windsurfers have the same name. I've got to visit Maui some day. Right now, looking out the window, I see snow all over everything. I'll be skiing tomorrow in Vermont as the sailing hereabouts is on hold. If you thought trying to sleep on the steel floor of a pickup was tough, you ought to try a steel R.R. car in freezing weather. I had to do that once while freight hopping up the Mississipi valley. Then there were the three days I had to sleep out in London parks. Nevertheless, I find that you can sleep anywhere if you are tired enough. Take Care.
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