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Hi SnowToSurf-

At a high windsurfing skill level you will feel thrilling speed and carving sensations comparable to snowboarding, and your snowboarding style preferences and experience may come into play at that point.

Unfortunately, your snowboarding skills will be totally useless at first, because the beginner stages of windsurfing are NOTHING like snowboarding. Learning to windsurf is more like learning to sail a sailboat than it is like learning to "ride" a board. Your challenges will be: 1) Pulling up the sail without falling off, 2) Making the board move in the direction you want, 3) Getting back to where you started from. You will be just as clumsy and awkward as someone who has never snowboarded.

As you get better and learn to go faster there's a gradual transition to where it feels more like you're riding a board than sailing a boat. Only at that point (when you're thinking about buying your second board) do you need to start thinking about what style and size would suit you.

For now, go for a big-ass aircraft carrier style board like the Start, GO or Rio. Or go for a stand-up paddleboard that you can also sail, like the Starboard SUPer, or the Exocet WindSUP.

Good luck,

PS- I also live in the Northeast and ironically learned to snowboard for the first time last winter! This winter was definitely better for windsurfing than snowboarding.
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