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Default Board below Ultrasonic

I have an Ultrasonic (carbon) and use it with 9.0 (RAM F11) and 11.0 (TR-7 XT) sails in 11-20 knots. My other sails are 7.8, 7.0 and 6.3 (all RAM F11.) I am an intermediate of 94 kg. The US is an excellent board, very controllable even over 20 kts. I used to own a JP SLW 90 which is also nice but the US is much more fun at higher speeds and so much better for jibes.

As I like the US so much I want to buy an iSonic below my US for 7.8 and 9.0 sails for 15-22 kts and a more choppy conditions (to replace my Exocet Warp 78). I am considering the 117 and not the 117 wide as the 117 wide is more intended for lower weights (<80kg) and I expect the 117 to be better in choppy conditions than the 177 wide. Please give your comments and advice.

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