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Hi Mark,

If you're also planning for the IS97, then I would go for the IS117 underneath the US147.
You'll have a luxury setup like I have, but then with the newer Isonics.
It's really a luxury setup I find, because each of my sails (except for the largest and smallest) I can use on 2 boards i.e.

US147: 10.9 and 8.8
IS122: 8.8 and 7.8
IS101: 7.8 and 6.7
IS87: 6.7 and 5.7

I'm thinking for the next season to reduce my number of boards from 4 to 3, though.
i.e replace the IS101 and IS122 by a newer IS107.
Still haven't made up my mind.

PS: I'm 87 kg.

IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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